What You Asking For

by Yung Yizzo

Emmanuel Lemmon, better known as “Yung Yizzo”. He is a vocalist/songwriter from the East Coast, Raised in Easton, Pennsylvania and resides in Los Angeles, CA. Yung Yizzo’s music style is smooth tonic with a melodic vibe. Yizzo served in the United States Navy before pursuing music full time.

The implicit primacy of the title and artwork draws you into Yung Yizo’s brilliant, creative, flawless rhythmic poetry lines in “What You Asking for” and what proves to be an invigorating artistic melody.

Yung Yizzo kicks off a new season with energy and hope, releasing fresh new hip-hop, rap crossover “What You Asking for” and laying the foundation for a massive year. “What You Asking for” is a stylishly crafted track that combines an elaborately crafted background with a rap rhythm with the crystal-clear hip hop element and an addictive verbal leadership from Yung Yizzo. “What You Asking for” provides a powerful introduction to the artist’s biography and celebrates authenticity and style. From catchy tunes to modern rap beats and noisy bars, the dynamics stand out between the vivid current mood that completes the sound of the moment.

“What You Asking for” is once again complete, giving you a popular, memorable song at the same time and pulling you on a long journey. This is instantly one of Yung Yizzo’s most exciting, addictive and accessible racetracks to date.

In the end, the sound is based on Yung Yizzo’s honesty and tone. Nonetheless, there is a powerful plot, truth, and reflection woven throughout the landscape of the finished section for lovers of variety to look back on and fall for. This arrangement loops in its reliable and innovative power, making it attractive and memorable. The voice above evokes a strong sense of self-identity and leadership, combined with a groove’s bounce to create a track that organically represents its proposed title properly invigorating and encouraging listeners. Listen and enjoy this amazing music video and stay with ‘Yung Yizzo’ for his freshest creations.