by Blueprints

In combination with different types of styles, Blueprints have come up with “NEOCLUB”, the instrumental laden with melody, mesmerising rhythms, overall blistering a guitar solo bestowing the listeners an essence of everything the artist is musically exposed to. If you appreciate tremendous guitar playing with songs that give you a unique experience in music, let’s dive into this amazing work now!

This piece of art is remarkably influenced by heavy metal, but pulls punches from many different genres and styles, generating a style defying, amazing classic. “This is a project of mine that is a blend of heavy metal guitar work and drums mixed with colour and melody that gives it a feel-good vibe and is easy for all listeners even if you don’t like heavy metal.” “NEOCLUB” is extremely advanced and natural because of the distinct way it has been composed. According to the artist, “I make music that is not specific to one style of music, its a combination of everything I listen to”

When listening to “NEOCLUB”, the main factor I comprehended about this track was the outstanding presentation. Everything sounds tremendous and is nicely mixed. In addition to that, this track stands on its own with distinctive originality and its own mood. Subsequently, the listeners can clearly rejoice at this remarkable track as it is structured nicely, the production is sharp and the guitar playing was technically also melodic. While listening to “NEOCLUB” the listeners get to hear a broad range of influences in addition to metal rock in guitar playing.

To sum everything up, if you prefer guitar instrumental music you will like this amazing guitar instrumental. It retains all of the components to serve up an extraordinary listening adventure. Do yourself a favour and definitely, you should check this out. This tremendous work won’t disappoint you.