Suavecito Mami

by The Pirate

The Pirate is the king of the rumba in New York city. Alessandro Lopez Soza is better known as The Pirate. Also known as EI Pirata or The Pirate NYC. He is a Nicaraguan singer, songwriter as well as actor. Musically, his music has been described as urban latin, rumba and reggaeton. He also includes other genres such as rumba-flamenco, dancehall,electronic and reggae.

He has traveled to different countries to share his music as an independent artist. The Pirate fled the dictatorship in his country and found freedom and protection in the United States. He’s proud to be in New York City, representing Latin music in North America and around the world. It is where he became inspired by pop, electronic and American rap music. gum records signed The Pirate in 2021.He is also known for his catchy fashion style. Not only that but also Best known for his Rumba-Reggae style.

His latest release is called “Suavecito Mami”. Absolutely it is a creative and amazing concept. The whole part has a polished touch, and it flows with mixed energy and instant familiarity. Melody is perfect, energetic and catchy. This work is professionally done by The Pirate. And the video is also brilliantly crafted to fit the song. Artistically there’s a lot to admire about his creations, which increase the value of this from the majority of recent recordings. Stay with The Pirate for his future creations.