Tricks for Treats

by 2euce B.I.G.A.L.O

Kevin Orlin Davis better known as 2euce B.I.G.A.L.O. he was born on June 23. 1985 in St. Louis, United states. He has been interested in music since he was child. He has been writing and arranging his own music since he was age 15. He has pure talent to write beautiful lyrics. Every time he wants to learn about music and how to be a singer. He has thirsty about his passion. Because of his passion and dedication to music, he decided to pursue a career in music. So he dedicated himself to make his dream a reality.

Now 2euce B.I.G.A.L.O resides in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. This 27 years old independent artist’s music is a cross between Common and Kanye West displaying his wit, intellect and zeal. He mostly likes Hip hop/ Pop music. In general, his hip hop music consists of wonderful rhythmic lyrics using elaborate techniques such as seating, adaptation and rhythm. He always tries to make songs with a nice melody and a good well as he makes songs without copying.

He released his latest song “Tricks for Treats”. At the beginning of the song it has an invigorating rhythm and gradually starts the wordplay. He has the magical ability to paint a picture of the song in our imagination through his sweet voice. We can see a subtle balance between freestyle energy and pre-meditated wordplay and set-up, from “Tricks for Treats”. He is an amazing artist in this field. He made so many creations, such as April 20th, stay woke, Black widow album and many more. “Tricks for Treats” is one of his best creations. We wish to hear many more songs from him.

2euce B.I.G.A.L.O

2euce B.I.G.A.L.O